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Even a few cigarettes a day worsens lung health

10 October 2019

"Smoking just a few cigarettes a day can damage your lungs a study has found," Mail Online reports.

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Owning a dog 'may increase length of life'

09 October 2019

"Dogs could be a heart's best friend," reports The Times, after 2 studies showed people who own dogs seem to live longer than those who do not own one.

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E-cigarettes linked to lung cancer in mice

08 October 2019

'E-cigarette smoke could cause lung cancer - despite being tobacco free' reports the Sun

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Less than 6 hours of sleep a night linked to increased risk of early death

03 October 2019

"Getting less than six hours of sleep could double – or even triple – your risk of dying from heart disease or cancer, especially if you have chronic diseases," reports the Mail Online.

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Evidence of breastfeeding increasing food allergies risks not clear-cut

02 October 2019

"Breastfed babies may face more than double the risk of developing food allergies," the Mail Online reports.

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Have controversial new guidelines put red meat 'back on the menu'?

01 October 2019

‘New research that claims red and processed meat is probably not harmful to our health has caused controversy among experts who maintain people should cut down’ The Guardian reports

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Male infertility linked to increased prostate cancer risk

26 September 2019

"Men who struggle with infertility are at much greater risk of prostate cancer," reports the Sun. In a new study, Swedish researchers used their databases to investigate what happened to almost all men who fathered a child over 20 years from 1994 to December 2014. They found men whose babies were born after fertility treatment were more likely to have been diagnosed with prostate cancer in the years since, and more likely to have had prostate cancer at a young age (under 55).

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Planned caesareans 'safer' for women with past history of Caesarean sections

25 September 2019

'Planned Caesarean delivery can be the safest option for women who have had a Caesarean in the past' BBC News reports

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Younger children in a school year 'more likely' to have mental health and learning difficulties

24 September 2019

'Summer-born children ‘more likely to be diagnosed with depression’ than older pupils' The Independent reports

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Electromagnetic 'bathing cap' shows promise in early Alzheimer's disease trial

19 September 2019

'Alzheimer's breakthrough as pioneering head device 'can REVERSE memory loss' using electromagnetic waves' reports the Mail Online.

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New research raises concerns that unborn babies may be directly exposed to pollution

18 September 2019

"Toxic air pollution particles are found in pregnant women's PLACENTAS for the first time," reports the Mail Online.

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Can taking paracetamol in pregnancy lead to child behavioural problems?

17 September 2019

'It’s thought of as one of the safest painkillers to take during pregnancy, but a new study has warned of the dangers of taking paracetamol when pregnant' the Daily Mirror reports

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